Unveiling the Passion Behind the Price: A Marketer’s Journey from Insurance to Empowering Entrepreneurs

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December 27th, 2023 — Stevin Lipp

Running a business often involves convincing clients that the value they receive far exceeds the price they pay. As a marketer offering a comprehensive package including a website, custom email, and marketing campaign for a mere $5 a month, the initial reactions I receive are often filled with disbelief. In this blog post, I’ll pull back the curtain on my unique business model and shed light on the passion that drives me to empower small business owners.

Discovering my passion to help fellow entrepreneurs

My journey began in the insurance industry when I opened a from-scratch insurance agency in Wahpeton, ND. Aligned with the focus on commercial insurance products, I engaged in conversations with numerous business owners, discussing their concerns, protection needs, and the dynamics of successful business relationships. Through these interactions, I discovered a genuine passion for working with fellow entrepreneurial spirits

Transitioning careers

When I initially opened the insurance agency, I was also deeply immersed in coaching the boys’ basketball program in Breckenridge, MN. Back then, the idea of balancing a career coaching basketball while owning an insurance agency in my hometown seemed like an enticing career choice. However, as I matured, I began to realize the potential downsides of being tethered to the same 25-mile radius and interacting with the same 10 people day in and day out. The allure of owning a business within this limited radius seemed to come with the unwelcome prospect of being unable to break free. Moreover, I was well aware of the less-than-enthusiastic sentiments many harbor toward insurance professionals. Especially when that insurance professional also coaches the basketball team.  It dawned on me that it was time to liberate myself from the clutches of this necessary but often maligned aspect of the world and transition into a career where my passion truly thrived.

Turning a passion into a business model

Presently overseeing 25 websites, each offered at a nominal $5 fee, my business model is designed to cover costs while affording me the joy of aiding entrepreneurs. Beyond the seemingly modest fee, my revenue stream thrives on additional services like media production, paid ads, consulting, and exclusive upsells integral to my process.

Move over, Kanye. Athuntecity is my superpower

What could have been my demise as a basketball coach & insurance agent morphed into my superpower as a marketer. Authenticity became the cornerstone of my approach, fostering genuine connections with clients and pinpointing ideal prospects. This authenticity is not just a business tactic but a philosophy that ensures not only results but also a positive and collaborative journey.

In the realm of business, success lies not just in offerings but in the passion and authenticity one brings to the table. My business model, a manifestation of my desire to empower entrepreneurs, stands as a testament to providing exceptional value at an affordable price. Through the sharing of my journey, my aim is to inspire others to align their business practices with genuine passion, creating meaningful impacts in the vibrant tapestry of their communities..



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