Hello, my name is

Stevin Lipp

Webmaster, PGA Associate, and Dog Dad

About me

I am an enthusiastic marketing professional based in Fargo, ND with a rich experience of over 6 years in business leadership roles, coaching, and insurance.

I design professional & beautiful websites like this one.

I bring a wealth of diverse experiences to my professional journey, having excelled in various roles across niche markets. My career has spanned domains such as insurance, marketing, email design, coaching, and aiding small businesses in revenue enhancement. 

As a former insurance agency owner, I discovered the profound impact of personalized service on building enduring client relationships. My journey led me to recognize a passion for collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurial minds. Fueled by this discovery, I transitioned away from insurance and founded my freelance marketing services. Working with other business owners has become my true calling, as I find immense value in every collaborative experience. I’m deeply grateful to those I work with, as they afford me the opportunity to master my craft further while contributing to the success of their businesses.

Where I've been
Previous Experience


During this time, I served as an Account Manager at the Todd Vanyo Agency in Fargo, ND. I handled prospecting, sales, and customer service. This is where I built a foundation for what was coming ahead.


cowboy logo

In the midst of the pandemic, I became one of the youngest Head Varsity Basketball Coaches of All-time at age 21. In our first season together, we won a share of the Heart O’ Lakes Conference Championship with a talented senior led roster.


After a short coaching stint, I opened a from scratch insurance agency in the same community. Primarily we focused on helping other small business owners. During this time, I discovered my passion for helping small businesses grow.


In addition to my freelance marketing services, I am a PGA associate & Clubhouse Manager at the Olivia Golf Club. I love using my skills from both these roles to help people make their golf game an asset instead of a liability.

What people have been saying
Great agent he goes above and beyond to help you out would recommend him to anyone he is very helpful and worked with me until he got it figured out and never gave up thank you so much Stevin lipp
Stevin and I worked together for around 6 months towards the latter half of 2021. We both were working for Cowboy Jack’s - Fargo in FOH roles but in different capacities. When I met Stevin, we instantly clicked. He was kind, personable & genuine. We also had a shared interest and background in the insurance industry. I had moved to Fargo for a new job, having just left my prior career as a commercial line's underwriter handling a large book of business in Eastern NY & NJ. Stevin was in the early stages of assembling his branch of the COUNTRY Financial Agency. Both of us were working at Cowboy Jack’s part time while our main focus was on our careers. It didn't take more than a conversation or two to realize Stevin was an ambitious go-getter who set goals and held himself accountable. I know being an entrepreneur and an insurance agent are not easy tasks. With any set back, Stevin persevered and was never discouraged. His perseverance and unrelenting positivity are what I think of most when I think of Stevin. In the nearly 2 years of knowing him, I have only ever heard him receive criticism once. He took it both to heart and in stride. Unlike others who might have gotten defensive or deterred, Stevin used the feedback he’d received to fuel and better himself - a rare & honorable quality. He’s a natural born leader and mentor in addition to being someone who can be relied upon. Since working together, I have been able to reach out to Stevin asking for personal favors and inquire on a variety of topics. If he is able to help, he does so without hesitation. If he does not know the answer, he isn’t dismissive or unwilling to go above and beyond doing the legwork for you. Stevin puts it on himself to make every interaction a positive & productive one. Overall, it was a great experience getting to work with and know Stevin. When I would walk into Cowboy Jack’s and see he was behind the bar, my spirit would be lifted, and my energy would be renewed - it would not only be a smooth shift but an enjoyable one as well. Stevin is a dependable individual who has the ambition and sheer willpower to manifest outcomes into existence. If you are looking for someone who will put in time and effort beyond what is expected or required to deliver for you or your customers, Stevin is the obvious choice. Furthermore, if I were still an insurance professional and working in the ND/MN region, I would not hesitate to work with Stevin.
Stevin significantly lowered my insurance rates by beating the company my family had been with for 27 years. He’s an authentic, no-bull insurance agent. He’s thorough in explaining coverage, easy to contact, the list stretches on.

Steve is a vast mind and a pleasure to work with. Steve is the type of guy that could literally transform the future outlook of your company with his personality and character. He’s a fierce competitor on the court, in the office, and in everyday life. His ability to form lasting relationships makes him a successful leader in any field.

Whether it's sales or sports, Steve has the ability to take your team to the next level.
Great agent to work with! Highly recommend for any person or family!
Stevin has helped prepare me as I took the leap of faith into becoming a full-time salon owner. He assisted in selecting the best software & products to match my goals. I was able transition from previous job as a hairstylist, to operating my own independently owned salon seamlessly with no down time.