An Honest Review of the Upside App


December 2nd, 2023 — Stevin Lipp

What is the Upside App?

The Upside app rewards you with Cash-Back when you shop at pretty much any gas station, grocery store, or restaurant. From Casey’s gas station pizza to Applebee’s for half priced apps, they have you covered with Cash-Back!

I was a bit skeptical when my friend, Joe, first introduced me to the Upside app. After a year of use and over $100 in cash back it was safe to say I should have been using this app sooner. 

How it works

Upside makes money through profit-sharing. For example, they partner with restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. After forming these partnerships, Upside promotes Cash-Back deals on the app. When users use these deals, Upside earns a commission on their purchases. The company also uses purchase data history to help businesses make data-driven decisions at no cost to them. This app is beneficial for drivers, business owners, and anyone that uses a debit/credit card. With inflation rising and smaller communities embracing digital changes, I expect more people & businesses to start using this app in the following years.

How to get started

Upside is free & available on both major app stores. Click here to receive an additional 15¢/ gallon Cash-Back, or use promo code STEVIN4336
upon registering.
  •  Find Cash-Back offers.

With map & list view of available offers, Upside is super user-friendly for anyone who is looking to score some Cash-Back.

  • Claim an offer.

When Upside first came out you had to physically scan in all of your receipts if you wanted to get your Cash-Back. Now, you are able to link your digital wallet and claim offers without needing to scan any receipts. Just claim offer, make your purchase, and confirm which card you used to pay with. 

  • Get that money, yo.

Once your purchase gets verified, you will then see the money in your Upside account. You will need to make sure your card information is inputted properly to ensure the Cash-Back is received. Funds typically hit your account 1-2 days after your purchase.

  • Cash out

The money just sitting in your upside account won’t do you much good. You will need to get that money to your bank account or purchase gift cards directly through Upside to put those funds to use. 

  • Earn even more.

If you love using Upside and share the savings with your friends & family, you will receive 1¢ Cash-Back on every gallon they purchase in the future with Upside. Plus you will both receive an additional 15¢ back per gallon on their first purchase once they sign up.


  • User-friendly & easy to navigate.
  • It really is free money. I kick myself when I forget to use it. Within my network most people have earned $20-350 over the past year.
  •  The referral program is an awesome way to share the love. Which is why I wrote this blog! Please use my referral link when signing up so I can continue to write about the things I love 🙂


  • Like I said in the pros, it can be easy to slip the mind on using this before purchasing.
  • Does not work with cash.
  • Prices aren’t always accurate. With gas prices always changing, there are errors within the app on exact prices.
  • Not always the best value. Although Cash-Back is always nice, it’s sometimes better to go down the road and pay .50¢ less for gas than getting .25¢ Cash-Back.

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